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LMS is the NZ distributor for Zirocco Road Dryers


Zirocco manufacture the world’s leading road and surface dryer and cleaner.  LMS can assist with the purchase, rental or lease of the Zirocco-M50, Zirocco-M100 and the convenient Hammer Jet to speed up efficiency and enable you to work in all weather conditions. 

Key advantages to using Zirocco road and surface dryers include:

  • Increased quality of work providing longer lasting paint and sealing.  Zirocco heat an air pressure dry and clean deeper into joints, cracks and surface imperfections enabling better paint adhesion. 
  • Ease of scheduling – jet dryers allow coninued work during inclement weather, less downtime of man hours and increased ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ease of use and speed – Zirocco jet dryers perform at a speed of up to 6cm/h depending on the chosen product, surface and weather conditions.
  • Time and resource savings – traditional drying methods generally require 2-3 staff whilst Zirocco jet dryers require just one person.


Contact us today for a demonstration or chat on 0800 080 074 about how jet road dryers can add value and efficiency to your business.

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The Zirocco-M50 is the perfect dryer and cleaner for companies conducting line marking, tape removal and crack repair.  

This is an affordable, compatc and effective unit with an A50 turbine enabling 20cm width surface drying at speeds of up to 2km per hour.

The Zirocco-M50 can extend the number of operating days for your marking and surface repair equipment, which enables you to finish the work much faster and to your clients timeframes.



The Zirocco-M100 is the ultimate dryer and cleaner for companies completing paving line marking, tape removal, waterproofing and crack repair.  

The Zirocco-M100 is based on turbine technology and is the most powerful diesel driven turbine, engabling drying and cleaning widths from 30-120 centimetres at speeds of up to 6km/h.

It’s durable, rugged and ergonomic design ensures easy and user friendly operation and monitoring.

Hammer Jet


Hammer Jet is the world’s smallest and most versatile jet turbine dryer, cleaner and heater on the market.  It’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy and convenient to have onsite for many tasks within different industries.  The Hammer Jet is easy to operate both on wheels or handheld with a shoulder harness.

It can be used in a number of ways including to enhance line marking by drying and cleaning prior to sealing; roadway tape removal, roof membrane drying and railroad switch de-icing.